Transition Badge Kit Purchased
Dec. 2003

These drums were a real find on ebay - 99.99% complete and original (one bass spur tip is newer, and one key rod is probably a Leedy from the era.) It came with WFL stands & pedals, throne, hoop-mount cowbell and triangle holders, Ludwig Playon and original Weather Master heads, cases, a supply of sticks from the era, and some wonderful cymbals including Zildjian block logo 18" crash and a 22" ride with unusual lathing & hammering.... they're about the best vintage cymbals I've ever heard.

The shells and hardware were already very clean: no rust or pitting, an absolute minimum of the customary nicks and scrapes, and only a little yellowing. After a little wiping the nickel gleams, the wrap is shiny and smooth, and the drums really do look amazing. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful kit for its age.

5½ x 14" Snare
Model 900P
Super Classic
(not dated)

9 x 13" Tom
Super Classic
Model 944P
Date: June 16, 1959

16 x 16" Floor Tom
Super Classic
Model 950P
Date: June 26, 1960

14 x 22" Bass Drum
Model 922P
Date: June 16, 1959

This drum came with crumpled newspapers inside - The Denver Post, and Rocky Mountain News - dated January 10, 1960! The drums were part of an estate sale in Denver, that seller saying they had belonged to him in the early 60s, sounding as if (and certainly looking like) they hadn't been touched since!

The "block" logo, circa 1954-57

The entire logo is almost 2" high and the Zildjian name is in a hollow font and 1¼" wide, whereas later logos were about 1" high with Zildjian in a simpler font and only ¾" wide.

Interesting lathing and hammering on the 22" ride...

Ludwig's Laminated Sticks
WFL Sticks

Included with the drums were several pairs of sticks in various stages of use. But this pair of WFL 1As survived nicely, and there were also some sealed pairs of Joe Morello model Lamo sticks from the '60s, and the same model in hickory with '70s packaging.

A rare Ludwig Educator kit!