41 Things NOT To Say During A Recording Session...

1. We won't need a click.

2. I like what you're trying to do but not the way you're doing it.

3. An excellent first attempt.

4. You think we can still fly it in from the demo?

5. "No dynamics"? We're playing as loud as we can.

6. I think that's a pretty good-sounding take for what we're getting paid.

7. That was great. Let's do it again.

8. Why don't we do the double first? the lead will be easier to put down once we've got the double.

9. I never had this problem when I was being produced by Templeman or Lanois.

10. Fabulous.

11. Why don't we just punch in?

12. Maybe if we add more effects...

13. Just let your spirit soar.

14. My spirit's already sore from the last 30 takes.

15. Less is more.

16. Less is less.

17. That's the way I've been playing it all along.

18. Make the click louder.

19. Does your amp have an underdrive channel?

20. You can erase that one, I remember exactly what I played.

21. Close.

22. We'll touch that up in the mix.

23. My girlfriend sings great background vocals.

24. I know a great drummer.

25. You think we should try some heroin?

26. Your girlfriend's been in the bathroom a long time.

27. I just wish I could get a whole band that sounds as good as I do.

28. Ahmet is on line one for you.

29. I also play 11 other instruments.

30. Sorry I'm late, I just got through with my C.A.T. scan.

31. You said that was a scratch vocal, right?

32. That's how I wrote it but that's not how I like to play it.

33. Is it possible the click is speeding up?

34. I can't think of any improvements that won't make it worse.

35. Those flat-ish notes are a trademark thing for me.

36. You can fix that with ProTools, right?

37. How 'bout we get rid of these 3M things and get ourselves a frozen yogurt machine?

38. Skunk called, he's on his way down.

39. The frozen yogurt machine is broken.

40. So many drummers, so little time.

41. When was the last time we worked together? Tonight.

Source: Compiled by Evan Kremin, NYC