Quotable Quotes:
"The world's greatest cover band: Weird Al's usual band members are talented folks - very talented. They have to be good, because they are forced to play a multitude of music styles, to meet Al's all-encompassing parody agenda."

"Weird Al's band -- who have always been an extremely underrated group of musicians -- play with a steely professionalism, never giving a hint that they view this show or the music as a joke."

"[Al's] band should also get their due, covering a myriad of styles with the efficiency of a super cover band."

Hollywood Reporter

"The drummer in [Al's] four-man backing band delivered the most mercifully short drum solo in the history of rock 'n' roll."

Calgary Herald

“Bermuda is the mad scientist/air traffic controller who keeps the whole show on track. There was ALWAYS something happening onstage. It's really a marvel how seamless - and how consistently entertaining - this show is."

"[Al's] band is, no kidding, the hands down, all time best band I've ever heard. Tight, bright, bursting with fire."

Halifax Mail Star

"One of this city's most popular drummers, Schwartz comes from Weird Al's band with a welcome cleanness and professionalism."

Music Connection (Los Angeles)

"They're a very, very good band. I wonder sometimes if they get the respect they deserve. Maybe because we play funny songs, they don't get taken seriously. But what it actually means is, they have to be even tighter and more precise. They have to be right on, all of the time. Anybody that really listens to us knows they're good, from the simple fact that their range is so wide. They do it all, and they're good at what they do. They make me look good. I'm fortunate to have the band I have."

"Weird Al" Yankovic

"If you're going to call yourself Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, your two options in life are being someone's "crazy uncle" or playing with Weird Al."

Baltimore City Paper

"You could make pots and pans sound good."

Denny Seiwell

"Calling West, Jay, and Schwartz 'the greatest cover band in the world' isn't doing them justice."

Stephen Thompson, NPR Music

"Bermuda is a true ambassador of drums."

"Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz always comes across as knowledgeable and 'one of the good guys'. A valued member of this drum community."

"Okay you have the best name ever !!!!!"

Liberty Devitto

"We could all use more Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in our lives."

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