Photo: Selfie
First copy arrives!
September, 2020

Photo: Denise Olderr
The Strings Attached Tour!
Seattle, WA
August, 2019

Photo: Deb Freytag
The No Frills Tour!
Minneapolis, MN
April, 2018

Photo: Tonya Duus
The No Frills Tour!
Cleveland, OH
March, 2018

Photo: Steve Jay
Rehearsing for the
2018 No Frills Tour.
November, 2017

Photo: DrumTalkTV
With Dan Shinder on DrumTalkTV
The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA
January, 2017

Sitting-in with Dan & Dueling Pianos
Grand Rapids, MI
August, 2016

Photo: Denise Olderr
Coronado PAC
Rockford, IL
August, 2016

With Norman Greenbaum
Sonoma State U.,
Rohnert Park, CA
July, 2016

Flying home from Australia
January, 2016

Hotel bar
Dublin, Ireland
October, 2015

Photo: Denise Olderr
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater, FL
August, 2015

Photo: Jules Follett
Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
July, 2015

Photo: David Bergman
The Weird Al Band
Governor's Ball, NYC
June, 2015

Photo: Alex Kluft
Rehearsing for the
Mandatory World Tour
Burbank, CA
April, 2015

Photo: Bob Campbell
The Ludwig Copper-Phonic snare
NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA
January, 2015

Photo: Kim Beckhart
The Zero G Band
Irish Mist, Sunset Beach, CA
May, 2014

Photo: Denise Olderr
Boulder, CO
July, 2013

Photo: Ronn Dunnett
Vancouver, BC
April, 2013

Screen grab courtesy of Vic Firth
Game Changing Moments
Vic Firth 50th Anniversary videos
January, 2013

Photo: Ernesto Cuevas
Idle Hands
January, 2013

© James Hergen Photography
On tour...
May, 2012

Photo: Tonya Coe Stephenson
Fox Theater
May, 2012

© James Hergen Photography
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN
Sept, 2011

Photo: Kim Beckhart
The Zero G Band
Taco Surf, Surfside Beach, CA
August, 2011

Photo: Eric Marchwinski
Me, Al & my Ludwig Keystones
On tour in Ohio
May, 2011

Photo: Denise Olderr
College of DuPage
Glen Ellyn, IL
August, 2010

Photo: Dawn Laureen
Karling Abbeygate and Band
Weber's, Reseda, CA
April, 2010

Screen grab courtesy of JibJab
Weird Al's CNR video (as Meg White)
August, 2009

Screen grab courtesy of Ludwig Drum Co.
Ludwig's 100th Anniversary DVD
May, 2009

Photo: Tony Papa
In studio with Weird Al
Westlake Audio, West Hollywood, CA
April, 2009

Photo: Tonya Coe Stephenson
Meadow Brook Music Festival
Rochester Hills, MI
July, 2008

Photo: Denise Olderr
Center for Performing Arts
University Park, IL
September, 2007

Courtesy The Biography Channel
The Weird Al Biography Special

Photo: Jackie Arns
Westbury Music Fair
Long Island, NY
June, 2007

Photo: self
Relaxing at home
Los Angeles
October, 2005

Screen grab courtesy of Fox Television
The Simpsons
FOX Televison
April, 2003

Photo: Mark Seliger
Promo shot
Weird Al with (L to R:)
Steve Jay, Bermuda, Jim West
February, 2003

Photo: Denise Olderr
Navy Pier
Chicago, IL
July, 2000

Photo: Johnny Buzzerio
Promo shot
Weird Al with (L to R:)
Steve Jay, Jim West, Bermuda
May, 1999

Photo: self
With The Knack's Doug Fieger
The NAMM Show
January, 1998

Photo: Amy Cantrell
Promo shot
November, 1992

Photo by Byron J. Cohen
On the "Money For Nothing/
Beverly Hillbillies" video set
Santa Clarita, CA
January, 1989

Sunset Junction
Los Angeles
May, 1987

Parking Lot
(later Painting Over Picasso)

Front Row Theater
Cleveland, OH
August, 1985

In studio with Rick Derringer
Santa Monica Sound Recorders
Santa Monica, CA
January, 1985

The Mixers at Madame Wong's
Santa Monica, CA
November, 1984

Photo by Exley
Promo shot
September, 1984

Rip Masters
Long Beach, CA
November, 1982

Photo: Jay Levey
Magic Mountain
Valencia, CA
June, 1982

Rip Masters and the Range Rockers
Universal Studios backlot
Hollywood, CA
July, 1981

James Gaylyn
The Troubadour
Los Angeles CA
June, 1978

Holiday Inn
Glendale, CA
February, 1978

Pursuit at the Hollywood Bowl,
L.A. County Battle of the Bands
Hollywood, CA
July, 1974

Photo: Mr. D
Behind the drums at an early age
Los Angeles, CA
September, 1969

Photo: self
My first new drums:
Ludwig Standard in Blue Mist
August, 1969

Photo: self
My first drums:
Ludwig transition in Blue/Silver Duco
Fall, 1965
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