COLONEL JIM SILVERS Jim Silvers (Rollin' Rock, 1981)
"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1983)
IN 3-D Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1984)
DARE TO BE STUPID Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1985)
BEYOND CONDITIONING X-Checker (Jaguar, 1985)
POLKA PARTY! Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1986)
EVEN WORSE Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1988)
GREATEST HITS Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1988)
UHF SOUNDTRACK Weird Al (Rock & Roll/Epic, 1989)
BABALU MUSIC Weird Al (Columbia, 1991)
MUSIC MAKIN' MAMA FROM MEMPHIS Jim Silvers (Bear Family, 1991)
OFF THE DEEP END Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1992)
COUNTRY Rip Masters (1993)
THE FOOD ALBUM Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1993)
ALAPALOOZA Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1993)
PERMANENT RECORD Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1994)
GREATEST HITS VOLUME II Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1994)
DON'T TREAD ON ME Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 1995)
20 YEARS BEAR FAMILY RECORDS various artists (Bear Family, 1995)
THE TV ALBUM Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/BMG, 1995)
BAD HAIR DAY Weird Al (Scotti Brothers/WEA, 1996)
PERPETUAL STOMP Ray Campi (Dionysus records, 1996)
BIG RED '57 Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 1999)
RUNNING WITH SCISSORS Weird Al (Volcano/BMG, 1999)
CASH ON DELIVERY various artists, Johnny Cash tribute
(CMH Records, 1999)
EDGE Michael Sciuto (7th Floor Records, 1999)
BIBLICAL GRAFFITI Apologetix (Parodudes, 1999)
IN A SYMPHONIC MOOD Pat Boone (2000)
POKÉMON 2000 THE MOVIE various artists; Weird Al track "Polkamon"
(Atlantic, 2000)
THE ROCK & ROLL ALBUM Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 2001)
POODLE HAT Weird Al (Volcano/BMG, 2003)
RADIO READY DRUM TRACKS Groovemeister Pilots (2004)
30 YEARS BEAR FAMILY RECORDS various artists (Bear Family, 2005)
SUCK Raymond and Scum (INOU Records, 2005)
ACOUSTIC CONCERTO Oliver W. Tuthill Jr. (Blue Pony Trail Music, 2005)
LAUGHTER IS A POWERFUL WEAPON VOL. 2 various artists (2005)
SHUT UP! I'M BETTER THAN THEM Chance Langton (Old Green Records, 2005)
ROCKIN' GOLDIES SHOW Linda Kawai (DIW On The Hill, 2005)
MINEOLA DINER Jay Scott (Quiet Tiger, 2005)
FOUR TUNES Idle Hands (Stingray, 2006)
THE COOL AND THE CRAZY Rip Masters (reissue w/bonus tracks;
Rattler Records, 2006)
WITH FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY Ray Campi (Real Music, 2007)
SUITE SENSATIONS California Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra (2007)
BACK TO THE HONKY-TONK Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 2008)
DIM CAFES VOL. 4 Ray Campi (Real Music, 2008)
ROMANTIC FANTASIES California Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra (2008)
INTERNET LEAKS Weird Al (Volcano/SONY, 2009)
BARE KNUCKLE PIANO Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 2010)
ON FIRE Idle Hands (Stingray, 2011)
BRISTOL ROCKIN' Marc Bristol (King Noodle Records, 2011)
ALPOCALYPSE Weird Al (Volcano/Sony, 2011)
FAVORITE KING COUNTRY STARS Ray Campi (Real Music, 2012)
SUNDAY MORNING Idle Hands (Stingray, 2013)
GROOVIN WITH MYRA Idle Hands (Stingray, 2013)
MANDATORY FUN Weird Al (WayMoby/RCA, 2014)
STILL RIPPIN' IT UP Ray Campi (Rattler Records, 2015)
40 YEARS BEAR FAMILY RECORDS various artists (Bear Family, 2015)
E KŪPĀPĀ Kapō Ku (2015)
SLACKERS IN PARADISE Ken Emerson and Jim “Kimo” West
(Westernmost Records, 2016)
ROCK 'N' ROLL WEEKENDER 2016 various artists (Part Records, 2016)
CURSE ON ME Karling & The Kadavers (2016)
WITH FRIENDS AGAIN Ray Campi (Real Music, 2016)
I WAS BORN TO ROCK Rip Masters (Rattler Records, 2017)
 Weird Al (Sony/Legacy, 2017)
THE ROCKABILLY MAN LIVE AT ALVAS Rip Masters (Wondercap Records, 2020)
CAPTURED LIVE! Idle Hands (Stingray, 2021)

"The Cool And The Crazy" Rip Masters (1982)
"Ricky" Weird Al (1983)
"I Love Rocky Road" Weird Al (1983)
"Eat It" Weird Al (1984)
"I Lost On Jeopardy" Weird Al (1984)
"This Is The Life" Weird Al (1984)
"Like A Surgeon" Weird Al (1985)
"Dare To Be Stupid" Weird Al (1985)
"One More Minute" Weird Al (1985)
"The Compleat Al" Weird Al (CBS/Fox Video, 1985)
"Living With A Hernia" Weird Al (1986)
"Christmas At Ground Zero" Weird Al (1986)
"Wishing Well" The Conversation (1987)
"Fat" Weird Al (1988)
"UHF" Weird Al (1989)
"Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies" Weird Al (1989)
"Broken Heart In Paradise" Michael Sciuto (1990)
"Patterns" Weird Al (1991, for Children's Television Workshop)
"Smells Like Nirvana" Weird Al (1992)
"You Don't Love Me Anymore" Weird Al (1992)
"Jurassic Park" Weird Al (1993)
"Bedrock Anthem" Weird Al (1993)
"Headline News" Weird Al (1994)
"Amish Paradise"  Weird Al (1996)
"Gump" Weird Al (1996)
"Spy Hard" Weird Al (1996)
"A 6-Pack, A Pizza and a Cheap Motel"  Rip Masters (1996)
"The Saga Begins" Weird Al (1999)
"It's All About The Pentiums" Weird Al (1999)
"Weird Al Yankovic Live!" Weird Al (1999)
"Bob" Weird Al (2003)
"The Weird Al Show, The Complete Series" Weird Al (Shout! Factory, 2006)
"Don't Download This Song" Weird Al (2006)
"White & Nerdy" Weird Al (2006)
"Weasel Stomping Day" Weird Al (2006)
"Close But No Cigar" Weird Al (2006)
"Pancreas" Weird Al (2006)
"Virus Alert" Weird Al (2006)
"I'll Sue Ya" Weird Al (2006)
"Trapped In The Drive-Thru" Weird Al (2006)
"Do I Creep You Out" Weird Al (2006)
"Craigslist" Weird Al (2009)
"Skipper Dan" Weird Al (2009)
"CNR" Weird Al (2009)
"Ringtone" Weird Al (2009)
"TMZ" Weird Al (2011)
"Party In The C.I.A." Weird Al (2011)
"If that Isn't Love" Weird Al (2011)
"Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" Weird Al (2011)
"Whatever You Like" Weird Al (2011)
"Another Tattoo" Weird Al (2011)
"Perform This Way" Weird Al (2011)
"Weird Al Yankovic Live!
The Alpocalypse Tour"
 Weird Al (2011)
"Alpocalypse HD" Weird Al (2011)
"All I Really Want To Do" Stacked (2013)
"Lame Claim To Fame" Weird Al (2014)
"Sports Song" Weird Al (2014)
"Mission Statement" Weird Al (2014)
"First World Problems" Weird Al (2014)
"Word Crimes" Weird Al (2014)
"Foil" Weird Al (2014)
"Handy" Weird Al (2014)
"Tacky" Weird Al (2014)

UHF, Spy Hard, Safety Patrol, Johnny Dangerously, Mending Fences, Tully, Back By Midnight, Pokémon 2000, The Wrecking Crew, Transformers, How To Be A Latin Lover


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5 Gold and Platinum Singles (U.S., Canada and Australia)
5 Ampex Golden Reels (U.S.)
3 Grammy® Awards
8 Gold and Platinum Videos (U.S. and Australia)


Tour dates with Weird Al:

North America: 1983, 84, 85, 87, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 2000, 03, 04, 07, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19

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Norway: 2015
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Belgium: 2015

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